What is a Friend?

It’s funny as you get older. You build relationships, some become acquaintances, others become BFFL’S (what I used to call it), or sometimes you’re just friends. You can be neighbors, hobbyists, or people who grew up on the same street, but eventually you move on. People build others bonds, sometimes bonds break, sometimes friends can go so long without talking, but are still friends, and sometimes people continue to act like they are your friend, so they dont have to be rude or deal with confrontation. I have unfortunately been that person, and it’s very frustrating and super uncool to be a persons fakes friend. If you dont actually want to be friends and talk and do things together than dont act waste your time or the other persons time. Social media is NOT something you can look at and honestly say yes all of these people are my “friends,” because they arent. You have the friends for sure, but you also have the: haters, the fandoms, the creeps, and of course the weird ass stalkers, which is different than a creep to me aha. What is a friend? It is a pretty solid question, and one that should have a pretty definitive answer, but I think it is different for each person where we all have different values and different morals. A friend to me is somebody who you enjoy spending your time with. Somebody who you can laugh and cry with, a person who you can go to for help if it is needed, a person who doesn’t go and talk buisness you have said to other people. A friendship is honest, a friendship is beautiful, and a friendship is something, I believe, that every human on this Earth needs. Moving away was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I have learned a lot about the types of friendships I want and also the types of friendships that I want to have last. Thank you to all the beautiful people I have met since being here, and also a thank you to my past friends who have taught me what I dont want in a friendship. Facebookers are to shady for me, and I can honestly say that if our only method of communication is social media… sorry but we are Facebook friends not actual friends.

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Talk, Respect, and Live

Growing up always seemed so much easier than adulting. Adulting involves working, paying bills, buy and making food, cleaning your house… so much energy goes into being an adult that we sometimes forget how to have fun and make ourselves happy. This could be a pretty big hit for you, because it was for me. The one thing I can honestly say is that working with children allows me to bring out that inner child in a professional setting. As an educator we are taught to acknowledge the feelings of the child, make sure they are heard and make sure they feel like an important member of the group, and to respect and value their opinions. We also need to talk to them in positive wording, let them know what they CAN do other than what they CANT do, and we need to encourage them to be the best that they can be and to be confident while doing it. This is a lot, I know, but there is just so much more that we do that isn’t even on here. These things were added because there is a major difference in the way that adults interact with one another in society, at home, and in the workplace. We tend to be quick, we don’t really listen to each other, we suppress our feelings, we judge both openly and behind closed doors, and we don’t lift each other up. All of these can be easy to do towards a friend or towards a family member, depending in your family or friends, but what about the people we pass on a daily basis in the streets. The outside world. The world that we have begun to ignore and pollute regularly, because we don’t seem to care what happens to it. Those people. Those adults. Those are the ones we also need to include, even myself. Say hello, listen to a person, respect their opinions, lift them up instead of tear them down, talk to them positively, encourage them, and make them feel valued, because we all deserve that feeling throughout our day. We put such a standard on how to treat children, but forget that we still have the same things on the inside of our body. Our brain, bones, organs, and muscles are all just bigger. Love yourself over everything and work towards that self love and self appreciation each and every day, and affirm yourself every morning before your start your day, because we need to love ourselves. We cannot expect that from somebody else, but I do expect other to treat others like human beings with love and respect.

With kindness and love,


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❤Walk the Walk for Autism ❤

Today was the Autism walk, and I am very happy that I was able to attend. I saw two fabulous boys that I taught in the past and was able to see an amazing guy that I still have the opportunity to be working with. It was so great to see so many people come together and help raise money for something that will be able to help so many families and children. The number of children being diagnosed with autism is increasing, and it is up to society as a whole to work together to create environments, programs, and resources for not just children on the autism spectrum, but for all diverse needs. There are to many people out there who judge and ridicule children, teens, and adults based on their behaviours just because they seem “different.” Being different is what makes us unique, and just because there are people who experience things differently, learn differently, react differently, or play differently doesnt make them weird or special. It makes them well THEM. I’m not trying to say the needs of the child should go unattended to, because they do need to learn those social skills and all the other amazing skills there is to learn out there, but I am saying we need to accept the people that we see and not just assume they’re strange. Because realisitically, there is something about each of us that somebody else may find weird, and that doesn’t make us weird it makes us different, and being different isn’t a bad thing. In fact being different is a great thing, because it makes each of us unique. Imagine if everybody were exactly the same… I wouldn’t enjoy that.

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Woot Woot! My own Guitar!!!

I am officially able to say I own a guitar!! No this one above is not the guitar that I own, but it is a little piece that I am working on at the Clay Café. I will be able to put my guitar picks in there as I collect then. Can’t wait for the variety of colours. My friend Miranda and I went to the Clay Café yesterday, and we were there at 6:30pm and worked on our stuff from 6:45sh to 9pm, and still didn’t get our pieces done. Thankfully at the Clay Café you are able to come back on a different day and finish it up, which is amazing, because it is really allowing us to both take our time and figure out what we want for our pieces. I do not yet have a photo of her piece, but it will be a sweet skull. When they are finished I shall take a photo of both of them and share them with you. This is my new guitar:

A left handed acoustic… Finally!!! Man I have never actually used a left handed guitar before. It was always a right handed guitar being held upside down or strung to be left handed, so the fact that this is actually a left handed one I am very excited. Before leaving Toronto I was trying to learn how to play, and tried learn Taylor Swift. Let me say I dont think I was very fluent. There may have been 1 song I was okay at, but I can’t remember to be honest. At this point I am starting fresh, and learning basics at the moment. I found an amazing website that actually provides free guitar classes, which is really cool. If you are also new to guitar, and want to check it out here is the link: https://www.justinguitar.com.

Yesterday I began learning a couple of chords. The D chord and the A Chord, and I do have to give koodos to the people who can play longer than 5 minutes at a time, because my finger tips and my wrist hurt so much so quickly. Every time I look at that guitar though I am picking it up and playing a few of each chord. I don’t think I have ever been so eager for a callus to form on each of my finger tips. I am sure that will help the pain on the tips. This is also going to be great for the 6 months, starting July 2nd 2018, when I begin my 6 months of less journey, as something to do instead of spending money. I have decided that I can do puzzles, workout, paint, work, write my book or on the blog, nature hikes, reading, more library visits, and a couple of my friends back home suggested pottery and photography, which are both great. I will have to create a little memoir of all the things I do and try over those 6 months. Wow! Now I am a little more pumped.

With kindness and love

– Skye

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Educational Vacation: Chill Out Limbic System

This is vacation week. A week I was really looking forward to, because well… I didn’t have to go to work, but now I am home and oh my goodness do I ever wish I were at work. I love being at work. I love being with the children and creating activities, getting messy, jumping around, and anything else that is fun at work really. Since I have been home I went have played slept in until at least 8am, which is pretty exciting actually, I have relaxed in a candle lit bath, I have worked on progress reports and authentic assessment questions FOR WORK, I have gone to the art and music shop over in Halifax, and didn’t buy anything (A+ for me), and I have read. Nothing very exciting about my vacation this time around, but it has given me a lot of time to think about what I would like to do for my birthday, and I would like to go out for supper, and get an acoustic guitar. Before I moved provinces I was trying to learn guitar, so maybe that will be something I can continue trying to learn in July when I start my 6 months of less journey. I may not be having the most EXCITING vacation, but I am learning quite a bit from the book I am currently reading.

The book that I am reading is called “SELF-REG How to Help Your Child (And You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life,” by Dr Stuart Shanker. Dr Stuart Shanker is a research professor in both Philosophy and Psychology, and is also the CEO of the MEHRIT Centre. “Over the past decade, Dr. Shanker has served as an advisor on early child development to government organizations across Canada and the United States, and in countries around the world. During this period, he became increasingly interested in the impact of excessive stress on child development and behaviour. Dr. Shanker’s five-step Self-Reg model, The Shanker Method®, is a powerful process for understanding and managing stress in children, youth and adults” (https://self-reg.ca/about-us-4/dr-stuart-shanker/). The reason I am sharing this with you is because I honestly think that Dr Stuart Shanker is a very interesting person to listen to, and he can teach educators, parents, and caregivers about self-reg in their children and in themselves.

Something that I did find very interesting this week in the book was something I read about our limbic system in the brain. The limbic system consists of the amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus, and it is responsible for the expression and experience of emotion. What I did find very interesting is that your limbic system is hardwired to react the same way to another person’s emotion, which is why laughter is so contagious. This is also why when people yell or get angry with you, your reaction is to usually yell and get angry back, and when you cannot (maybe it is towards a boss), you take that anger home with you, and take it out by maybe snapping at your spouse. When I read that I wondered what it would be like if everybody just knew that about themselves, and when they were getting angry they just went “HEY LIMBIC SYSTEM CHILL OUT!!!!!” Unfortunately it is not that simple, because you have feelings and you have emotions as well, so when somebody gets angry with you, like I said before, you probably want to angry right back at them or even do. As adults we can control this a little bit more, but it can still be very difficult for some. Remember you can walk away from the situation, take a few breaths until you and the other person are feeling calmer and return back when ready.

I do not want to give too much information on the book away, because I am highlighting information that I find important to know, and am going to get a review up here for sure when I am finished reading the entire book. According to the kobo I only have 4 more hours to go, so I think I should have it done by the end of my vacation this weekend. I just thought this was super cool and interesting, and thought I would share it with you all. There is even a technique in there that you can use with children, teens, and adults that could help you and your child. Feeling your emotions is never a negative thing, it is when those negative feelings become suppressed, because they are not allowed to be expressed that it becomes a problem. Take a breath, relax, figure out why the problem arose, and talk about it calmly. Everything is always so much more heated in the moment it happens then 15 minutes later. Cant wait to finished the book, and post the review on it. It is an amazing book, and if you are looking for any information on helping you and your child with self-regulation, or learning about why your child could be behaving certain ways then Dr Stuart Shanker is a person to check out. His website his posted within the blog, so if you want to check it out you should be able to click on it, if not just copy and paste it into your URL. He is very informative, the site has lots of resources, and if you want to access workshops there are those too.

With kindness and love

– Skye

6 Months of Less

6 Months of Less… Starting July.

I am back!!! I apologize for the random disappearance. The keyboard to my laptop has recently decided to stop a few buttons from working, including enter and delete. I have been unable to work on both my blog and my first story that I am currently working on, and let’s just say the mornings have not been the same for me. I have however, found a keyboard that I can just plug into the laptop, and use that as my keyboard, so I am back. Yes! Yes! Yes! I know I am fairly new to the blogging community, but I am enjoying it so much, and I have really missed posting and writing, so I am happy I found it ☺

A few posts ago I posted a blog titled “The Year of Less… Okay Maybe 6 Months,” and I talked about how “The Year of Less,” written by Cait Flanders really inspired me to start my own spending less journey, because let me tell you I will spend money just to spend it. I’ll spend it just to have something to do. I buy clothes, food (take breakfast and lunch), stuff for my classroom, books before I’m finished books, tea on a regular basis like at least 2 times a day.. sometimes even 4.. It can be bad, and the worst part is that my boyfriend and I have looked at my spending habits together, and we have no idea where half of my monthly income goes. That’s crazy, so because of this I am going to bring my own journey, and no it will not be for the year, but it will be 6 months. Below is going to be the start date of the beginning of this journey, my okay to purchase list, my needs list, and, of course, my cannot purchase list. Also in the book Cait Flanders put down how much she saved, the cofidence she has had in meeting her goal, and how much stuff she has given away or got rid of. A lot of that stuff will come up on monthly anniversaries or weekly updates. We shall see how it goes. I hope weekly, but certain updates will be monthly. I have also gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff, and have given it to the thrift shop right beside my apartment building. Honestly it is quite handy. Five bags of clothes we given away, random items/things that I haven’t seen or used in years, a bunch of stuff was recycled or thrown away, and I am still going through stuff. I probably won’t record the amount of stuff I get rid of, but I will share the next time I clear some stuff out ☺ Other than that I am looking forward to this journey, but extremely nervous that I am doing it, because I won’t know what else to do. I shall have to find a hobby, besides fitness, and do that. Ouuu maybe a book club. I do enjoy a good read and a lovely chat ☺ okay I used way to many emojis here, and I am beginning to trail off sooo…. back to my lists:

Things I can purchase:

A sports bra

2 pairs of jeans

A blender

A book after the book being read is finished
Trip to Niagara Falls in August ONLY!!
One tea a day ONLY!!

ONE monthly date

CANNOT purchase:

Take out beverages
Fast food
Large items for work
Water bottles
Travel mugs
Random treats: donuts, muffins, cookies
Small trinkets from thrift shop
Play station games or content

Needs List:

Bus Fair

These are my lists, and I apologize for the first one there. It is not letting me put one things under the other, which is very strange, but you can see it, so it is what it is. \i am going to be starting this difficult journey on Monday July 2nd 2018, and I will finish on January 2nd 2019. Fingers crossed I can do this. I am like 30% sure I can pull this off. I absolutely love buying things, but I do want to travel and purchase a home, so 6 months will have to help my spending ways. I will keep you updated either weekly or monthly… I havent decided yet, but I will absolutely share this journey with you. For those of you who also want to start the journey I would recommend the book first, but you can start any time. You can start with me if you would like, and we can share our experiences with each other. Have a wonderful wonderful Sunday, and remember you are all amazing.

With kindness and love

– Skye


Progress Reports vs Report Cards… time the school system changed their grading style

I remember getting my report cards in grade school. A piece of paper telling my mom how good or bad I was doing in class. I remember reading the little blurb to the right hand side that the teacher would put there explaining what I was “able to do.” The blurb didn’t explain much, and almost every blurb was the same depending on your letter. I remember looking at my report card and feeling amazing when I saw an A or a B, but was crushed when I saw a C, especially when I always tried really hard. In my opinion report cards dont give parents much of a view of what their children are capable of doing or what they need to work on. Sometimes a person can be given a C in math, because they dont understand fractions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good at other types of math problems.

This is now the month of June, which is when report cards come out for the school system, and progress reports are due for child care centres, which is what got me thinking to write this post. I work in the childcare system, and in June and in December we have to look at each child in our class and write about where they are at developmentally in each domain; Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional, and Language and Communicatio. What I really love about progress reports is that they aren’t telling parent what their children aren’t doing or can’t do, it is showing them what they are doing and what they can do. It is so much better than getting a report card. Parents can look at a progress report and really know what their child is like in the classroom, and they can see the skill that have been developed every 6 months in each report. In the reports or at least when I do them, educators should have a spot in each domain that lets parents know what we will be doing to help their child continuously develop in each domain. They are more personal and educators take the time to do each one.

Between the two of these I am definitely on board for progress reports, and I think the school system should adopt this way of “grading.” I just remember as a kid only ever viewing my grades as good or as bad. I was either smart or I was stupid, so I thought, but a report card shouldn’t make a child feel that way or make a parent feel like their child is inadequate or “bad.” Really think about it… what does a letter even mean? What does a letter clearly state? Let me know your opinions below on progress reports vs report cards. Which do you prefer and why?

With kindness and love

– Skye